Where is Xur and What is He Selling – January 28, 2022

Xur has returned from Eternity to peddle his wares in Destiny 2, which means you have a new opportunity to complete your collection of Exotics and snag some rare Legendary weapon and armor rolls. Here’s where you can find Xur this weekend and everything he’s selling–along with a rundown of what’s worth your attention.

Head to Tower, to the Hangar area, to find Xur this week. For his weapon, Xur is offering the Two-Tailed Fox rocket launcher. Hunters can pick up the Shards of Galanor gauntlets; for Titans, there’s the Lion Rampant leg armor; and for Warlocks, Xur has the Karnstein Armlets gauntlets.

Xur’s Exotics this week are decent rolls if you need better versions of either Shards of Galanor or Lion Rampant, although not necessarily anything that falls into the must-have category.

For Legendary weapons, you’ll definitely want to grab Xur’s Night Watch scout rifle, which is pretty close to a god roll for PvE activities. It sports Explosive Payload, Outlaw, and a Handling Masterwork, making it a great option for clearing out enemies; it’ll also do solid work in the Crucible as well, if you need it. The Falling Guillotine Xur offers isn’t bad either if you need one, with Jagged Edge, Relentless Strikes for gaining extra ammo, and Surrounded and an Impact Masterwork for even more damage against groups of enemies.

Xur’s Legendary armor this week is the Righteous set from the Season of Dawn. Titans make out the best, with three pieces sporting a stat at 20 or higher–you’ll definitely want to grab Xur’s leg armor, with a stat roll of 66, and probably the chest armor at 64, and even the helmet, which is only 61 but has high Recovery. For other characters, as usual, Xur’s legendary offerings are good for filling in gaps in your loadout if you should have any. Hunters can nab a decent helmet with a total stat roll of 63 and leg armor at 62; Warlocks can grab chest armor at 62.

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