Johnny Knoxville Explains How Eric Andre Almost Shot Him

Jackass star Johnny Knoxville has explained how he almost got shot while pranking Eric Andre, who will also make an appearance in this year’s Jackass Forever. Knoxville told the story to Howard Stern, explaining that he said it would have been great promotion for the upcoming film if Andre had called the cops on him or even shot him.

The story begins with Andre being sick with COVID-19 on Christmas Eve, when Johnny Knoxville decided to “cheer him up” by toilet-papering his house. He says that Andre kept yelling out the window while Knoxville was TP-ing his house, saying “I’ve called the cops,” and “I have a gun.”

When Andre finally recognised that it was Knoxville outside, he warned his Jackass co-star that the cops were already on their way, to which Knoxville said “just let them come arrest me, it’ll be great.” Andre also said that he could have shot his friend, to which Knoxville replied “that would have been even better.”

Andre has also told his side of the story, relating the anecdote on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week. Andre’s telling of it adds the detail that he was home alone, stoned, and paranoid when Knoxville turned up at his house.

Even though Knoxville wasn’t arrested or shot in the end, the two actors are still using the anecdote to market Jackass Forever, which releases in cinemas on February 4.

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