Sailor Moon Cosplay Shoot Turns The Team Into Sailor Witches

Cosplay by @monsterpoh

Back in 2019, in the Before Times, Ukraine-based illustrator Kutty Sark celebrated Inktober with a range of Sailor Moon images that depicted the girls as straight-up witches (this is not the blog to be entertaining discussions on whether using wands and magic means Sailor Moon is already a witch, thank you).

Taking that idea and running with it, this team of cosplayers, costume crafters and photographers set out to bring Kutty Sark’s works to life, recreating the illustrations with a cosplay shoot.

If the overall pitch sounds vaguely familiar, that’s because it was put together by some of the same people behind that 90s x Sailor Moon shoot we featured a few years back, and which remains one of the coolest cosplay posts our sadly-departed cosplay site ever ran.

Below you’ll find both the original images and the cosplay images inspired by them.

Cosplay by @danibuzzini

Cosplay by @smolbobasaurx3 (costume crafted by @meeshellmabelle)

Cosplay by @cinecosu (costume crafted by @epi_corner)

Cosplay by @kailene.brianne

Cosplay by @monsterpoh

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