Studio Ghibli Teams Up With Luxury Brand For Expensive Merch

Inside the shop are racks of close and a recreation of the train from Spirited Away.

That train bench is iconic.
Screenshot: Fashion Press/YouTube

Spirited Away is getting the luxury designer goods treatment from venerated fashion house Loewe. The brand’s items are usually on the pricey side, so you can bet the Studio Ghibli ones are, too.

Spirited Away, of course, is a classic Studio Ghibli film. Released in 2001, the movie was a smash hit, breaking box office records in Japan. So let’s see what kind of stuff on which Loewe emblazoned Spirited Away—and how much they cost!

Pictured are bags featuring No Face and Chihiro from Spirited Away.

Like a lot of recent fashion brand collabs, this isn’t exactly subtle.
Image: Loewe/Studio Ghibli

For example, a No Face tote bag in classic calfskin and suede is priced at 433,400 yen ($3,784), while a Chihiro Amazona bag in nappa calfskin fetches 531,300 yen ($4,636) and a Susuwatari calfskin wallet goes for 96,800 yen ($845).

This $3,285-tote bag is neat. Don’t you agree?

Another bag from Spirited Away.

This isn’t subtle at all—which is why it’s so fun. Note the rings and the earring.
Screenshot: Fashion Press/YouTube

Clothing isn’t cheap, either, with t-shirts priced between 55,000 yen ($480) and 107,800 ($941) yen.

According to creative director Jonathan Anderson, “Studio Ghibli’s ability in conceiving stories is matched by a tireless dedication to craft in order to bring them to life with painstaking manual labor. Such love for the possibilities of craft is something we truly nurture at Loewe, and this is where the connection resides.”

Fashion Press has a nice look at the shop.

This isn’t a first for Studio Ghibli or the brand. Back in 2021, Loewe teamed up with Studio Ghibli for a series of My Neighbor Totoro goods.

As Hachima Kikou notes, a pop-up store has gone up in Tokyo’s Harajuku to promote the collab. “A renovation of a traditional Japanese-style home, the venue embodies the intersection of LOEWE and Studio Ghibli’s creative worlds,” explains the brand. “Artworks provided by Studio Ghibli bring to life the film’s most memorable scenes.”

For another look inside, check the clip below:

The shop, however, is RSVP only and will end its run on Sunday, January 16.

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