What’s In The Fortnite Item Shop Today – January 6, 2022: Manic Skin Returns

The Fortnite Item Shop has been refreshed once more and today’s inventory lacks any major new crossovers, but it’s rather loaded with Epic-made heroes dating back as far as Chapter 1, Season 2. Spanning all four-plus years of the game so far, the Item Shop inventory has a bit of everything today. Here’s what you’ll find in the digital store for January 6, 2022.

The headlining item really comes down to personal preference. Nothing in the shop today has been absent more than a month or two, so it doesn’t really have any rare items at the moment, unless you count the soon-to-be-leaving Boba Fett and Cobra Kai cosmetics.

Manic's alternate style comes without her mask. No covid on the Fortnite island, I suppose.
Manic’s alternate style comes without her mask. No covid on the Fortnite island, I suppose.

On the Epic side, you can find fan-favorites such as Manic, with her two styles and Scarlet Sai pickaxes, as well as Love Ranger and his Tat Axe pickaxe. Heroes from the in-universe anime, Battle Breakers, have also returned in the form of Razor and Kurohomura, two of the fake series’ lead characters.

Elsewhere in the shop, you can grab Geometrik, the Cube Legion-inspired hero (or villain, really), or Tactics Officer who first debuted way back in 2017’s Season 2. The simplicity of that one, while perhaps preferred by some players, still manages to remind us how far the game’s art design has come over the last several years.

For a complete breakdown of the shop inventory today, check out FireMonkey‘s tweet.

We’ll be back tomorrow with another Fortnite Item Shop update.

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