Samsung’s 2022 TVs Will Feature Support For Trading NFTs

Ahead of CES 2022, Samsung is starting to drum up excitement for its range of new TVs for 2022, with some surprising software integrations that might not seem like natural additions for your living room media consumption.

As part of its push to stay ahead of the curve, Samsung is touting NFT integration as a core new feature for all of its 2022 TVs. This isn’t detailed in the company’s pre-CES press release outside of a bullet point that mentions a marketplace where users will be able to purchase and trade digital art right from their TVs. What blockchain technology or token support Samsung is offering wasn’t detailed.

Samsung's next flagship 8K QLED TV for 2022
Samsung’s next flagship 8K QLED TV for 2022

The next range of 4K and 8K TV sets from Samsung will feature predictable improvements in terms of hardware, letting the devices get brighter and sharper as Samsung hones its craft with Micro LED and Quantum QLED technology. On the software side, the new TVs are also getting more gaming integrations, with native support for cloud-streaming services such as Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now.

Samsung is also set to provide more details on the world’s first 4K 240Hz gaming monitor, with the Odyssey Neo G8 taking the best bits from Samsung’s massive Odyssey Neo G9 ultrawide display and stuffing it into an easier to manage chassis. Samsung is scheduled to provide more details on all of its devices when CES 2022 kicks off this week.

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