Call of Duty: Warzone – Best Caldera Landing Spots For Season 1

Call of Duty: Warzone‘s new Caldera map is a lush island with waterfalls, a lagoon, and even a massive volcano, so it’s easy to get distracted by all the beautiful scenery, but it’s important to know where to drop to get decent loot. Here we list some of the best locations to land on Caldera, which can depend on your preferred playlist, whether you’re going for high kills, or just looking for somewhere quiet to get started.

Call Of Duty: Warzone – Best Places To Land On Caldera


Caldera's Airfield
Caldera’s Airfield

Caldera’s Airfield is a solid choice if you’re looking to get into the action right away, as this is a popular location with plenty of buildings and vehicles. Loot up at one of the airfield’s many hangars, grab a Contract, then use a plane or vehicle when it’s time to head out. This is a great place to drop when playing Plunder mode, trios, or quads, especially if you’re looking to rack up plenty of kills and cash.


Caldera's Mines
Caldera’s Mines

Mines is another popular choice to drop for trios or quads playlists, especially if you’re looking to go for high-kill games. There is a lot of dangerously open ground here with just a few clusters of buildings to choose from, so pick an area to land close together as a team to start looting. With some decent gear, Caldera’s phosphate mine can be an exciting location to rack up kills. It’s a central area on the map with plenty of open sightlines, allowing you to control the location and easily pick off any opponents that try to push through. This also means it’s a great drop location if you or your teammates like to do a little sniping.


Caldera's Peak
Caldera’s Peak

The top of Caldera’s volcano is often a pretty congested drop, but with luck or skill in your favor, you can score decent kills and get looted up quickly. With Peak being an elevated location near the center of the map, it’s a great starting point to get those quick kills and then easily glide down to almost any other part of the map.


The Capital
The Capital

Caldera’s Capital is a large location that is absolutely filled with loot. It’s often a busy drop, so you can get into early gunfights for those high-kill game opportunities. However, the city area is also big enough that you can usually veer off and slip away from your opponents to loot up and play a bit slower. This is a great drop for playing Plunder and scoring a ton of cash, but it can also work for solos, duos, trios, and quads.


The Ruins
The Ruins

If you’re a solos and duos player looking to take a less aggressive approach and not go for those high-kill games, Ruins should be a bit quieter for you. There is also enough loot in the Ruins to get you geared up before moving someplace more chaotic. However, it’s near the western coast of the island and often falls victim to one of the early circle collapses, so you’ll want to loot quickly and be ready to move.


The Lagoon
The Lagoon

Caldera’s Lagoon looks like a tropical paradise best suited for swimming or working on your tan, but it’s also another great place for you to have a quieter drop location for solos or duos. This almost never seems to be a highly-contested area, and it’s open enough that you’ll likely see any threats that do come your way. Grab whatever gear you can here, and then you can rotate to a busier area like Village or Airfield to get into the action.

These map locations should help you get looted up for success on Warzone’s Caldera. Make sure to check out our Caldera bunker guide, if you’re looking for areas to explore and Easter eggs to hunt. And here we recommend the best Warzone loadouts for Season 1.

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