IKEA’s latest wireless charger appears to be a portable model

IKEA has sold a variety of wireless chargers since 2015, but never one that you could use without plugging into a wall outlet. It looks like that’s about to change with images of a new portable Nordmärke Qi charger making their way online courtesy of a few hawk-eyed Reddit users. We also have some details on the device thanks to German media outlet mobiFlip, which obtained them from a reader who bought one at a store in Cologne.

IKEA Nordmarke Qi charger

IKEA Nordmarke Qi charger

The individual paid €20 (approximately $22.64) to buy the portable charger. While it’s not available online yet, you can see from the photos it features a 6,500mAh battery. It can charge your Qi-compatible devices at a glacial 5W. What you won’t find inside the box is a power adapter or USB cable. It’s up to you to supply those, so it’s not quite as affordable as its price would suggest. However, one nifty feature is that the internal batteries are user-replaceable. 

We’ve reached out to IKEA to find out if the company plans to carry the Nordmärke portable Qi charger in the US. In the meantime, if you’re desperate to find a way to charge your devices on the go, your best bet is to buy a portable power bank. You can find ones that cost less than $20. What’s more, they will feature a bigger battery than the Nordmärke and they will charge your devices faster.

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