Fortnite Gears Of War Skins Leak, Revealing Marcus Fenix And Kait Diaz

Epic Games’ next collaboration will be with a series it helped create. Fortnite Gears of War skins have leaked thanks to the game’s official Polish YouTube channel publishing the Chapter 3, Season 1 battle pass trailer ahead of schedule. While Marcus Fenix and Kait Diaz are not in the battle pass for the upcoming season, it seems they won’t be far behind as apparent Item Shop additions, as they’re teased in the same trailer as the battle pass’ eight new characters.

Gears of War is a series built and, for a long time, led by a former incarnation of Epic Games, long before the developer became famous for its free-to-play battle royale. Marcus Fenix is the series’ original protagonist, who went on to pass the baton to younger characters like his son, JD, beginning with the time-jumping Gears of War 4. In the more simply titled Gears 5 from new Gears-focused studio The Coalition, it’s Kait Diaz who takes up the mantle of the protagonist. Now, both the original and most recent stars of the series are on their way to the new Fortnite Chapter 3 island.

You can catch Kait and Marcus preparing for battle in the leaked Fortnite trailer linked above, though if you don’t want any other Chapter 3 spoilers, you can instead just stick to a screenshot from the leaked trailer embedded below.

Epic Games' latest collab is with... Epic Games, sort of.
Epic Games’ latest collab is with… Epic Games, sort of.

No doubt the characters will come as part of the Gaming Legends series, which already includes famous faces such as Kratos, Master Chief, Lara Croft, and two Resident Evil heroes. It’s a series that has been updated a lot just in the past year, so we can expect even more gaming icons to make the jump to Fortnite in short order.

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