Teardown’s Campaign Is Complete–Adds New Locations, Tools, And Deathbots

Good news for fans of the chaotic physics sandbox Teardown, as the second half of the game’s campaign has just been released and unleashes even more mayhem with new locations, mission types, tools, characters, and robots armed with flamethrowers.

Modding functionality has also been added, with developer Tuxedo Labs explaining that there will be support for built-in pathfinding and for modders to create their own robots of death. While this update brings the game up to its 0.9 version in Early Access, Tuxedo Labs says that it will first focus on feedback to the new content and then start working towards the final release that moves Teardown out of Early Access.

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Tuxedo Labs had previously estimated that Teardown would need at least a year in Early Access before it would be ready for a full release, but the developer did promise that the game’s $20 price tag would remain fixed even when it was completed.

If you’re a fan of games like Garry’s Mod, Teardown is worth looking at as it plays like the inverse of Minecraft. It’s less about creation, and more focused on giving you the tools to destroy everything around you instead. Just watch out for the robots that are definitely and legally distinguishable from Robocop’s ED-209.

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