After Fortnite Creative Mode XP Glitch, Epic Reminds Fortnite Creators They Can Get Banned For Exploits

While most players know Fortnite for the battle royale portion of the game, there’s also Creative mode, where players can mess around and make all sorts of things, from custom game modes to social spaces. Some have also found ways to use Creative mode to farm experience points for the game’s expansive battle pass–and Epic Games seems to have somewhat passive-aggressively taken notice.

Along with a new blog post introducing Party Worlds, Epic refreshed its Creator rules and guidelines for Creative mode. The move doesn’t change the guidelines, but it does seem to be aimed at reminding some people what’s in them. That’s following a recent exploit that allowed players to farm XP in Creative mode, something that, as you might expect, is frowned upon by the game’s corporate overlords.

While players stumble across these exploits now and then, in Creative mode, they tend to need specific player-created islands to make them work. And that means that players have to make islands that let other players take advantage of exploits, and then share the island codes to allow them to do so.

Of course, as you might expect, the rules already cover exploits, glitches, and other ways of taking advantage of the game in ways developers didn’t intend. The relevant passage in the rules makes it pretty clear you’re running afoul of Epic if you’re helping players farm XP:

“Play By The Rules – Do not create Islands that promote the use of known cheats, exploits, glitched items, server crashes, and bugs. Do not use your island as a way to scam other players, including dishonest practices, such as exploiting the Support-A-Creator program or featuring clickbait advertisements.”

The consequences for using Creative mode to farm XP vary, however, and Epic doesn’t give a hard-and-fast answer in the rules as to what will happen to you if you create an island for cheating your battle pass. Incur the wrath of Epic, and you might receive only a warning. Keep it up and you could be looking at a permanent ban across any accounts you might have.

“If Epic is made aware that Island Creator Rules are being violated, Epic will take action on a case-by-case basis,” the rules state. “We’ll look at a variety of factors, including the severity of the issue, whether you’re a repeat offender, the impact on other players and other factors. Action taken can be anything from a warning, or ineligibility for appearing in Discovery or to be featured, all the way up to a permanent account ban.”

Clear as the rules may be, a quick glance at YouTube suggests there are already new Creative mode XP glitches making the rounds. That suggests there may also be a wave of Fortnite bans making the rounds before long, as well. Stay clear of the shady exploits and stick to the best Fortnite Creative codes instead.

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