Battlefield 2042 Pause Screen Glitch Negates Smoke Grenades

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Screenshot: EA

It’s time to reset the clock on days without a glitch being discovered in Battlefield 2042. The latest glitch found in the first-person shooter allows players to use the in-game menus to cancel the effects of smoke grenades.

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As noted by GamesRadar, a redditor named Jagsfootball51 posted a video on the r//battlefield2042 subreddit where they were able to negate the effects of a bot’s smoke grenade by simply opening the Collections tab in the game’s menu. This redditor isn’t a stand user from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, but they might as well have been King Crimson to those unsuspecting bots because their grenades were useless against the power of the game’s menus.

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This glitch comes hot on the heels of other glitchy discoveries in Battlefield 2042. Since releasing on November 19, the game hasn’t caught a break. Halo Infinite’s surprise release of its multiplayer mode certainly hasn’t helped 2042‘s staying power with players, and it’s currently the worst-reviewed game on Steam. In fact, there’s a long list of bugs on Resetera if bullet points don’t give you trypophobia. Kotaku previously reported on one glitch that allowed players to utilize the hollow centers of skyscrapers as hideyholes for their helicopters because DICE had apparently forgotten to add collision to them.

Although the developer plans to update the game across all platforms in December, one can’t help but feel like DICE should have left Battlefield 2042 in the game development oven a little longer to work out all these kinks rather than throwing on some seasoning in the form a post-launch update served on a cold plate to absent-minded gamers who may be eyeing what other games are being released this holiday season. Sorry, I still have Thanksgiving on the brain.

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