Membrane Switch Game Usually Cheap Now $250

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It’s getting closer and closer to Thanksgiving, which means it’s getting closer and closer to Black Friday. And before that big day of sales, many stores, publishers and retailers are already offering up discounts on games and consoles. For example, Switch game Membrane is regularly $9.99, but now it’s on sale for… uh… well, this can’t be right. It’s on sale for $250?

As spotted by Nintendo Life, a random Switch game first released in 2018 and which is usually sold for $10 is currently going for 25x that price. The game, Membrane, is some kind of puzzle thing. Here’s how Nintendo’s official store page describes it:

Membrane is a creative-action puzzle game in which you build, bend and break the world around you while experimenting to create your own solutions. Bendy bridges, wobbly ladders and shaky structures are just the beginning of what you’ll make to test the limits of this weird, day-glo world!

Membrane was designed to allow creative space for the player to interact and build their own unique solutions. The puzzles are NOT designed to rely on deception or a single solution, lock & key approach to test players. Instead the game was built to reward creativity and experimentation from the player. Get your thinking cap on friends!

And here’s a video of it in action. Let me know if this looks like a game worth $250:

So what’s going on here? Why is this game from 2018 suddenly being sold for $250? Perhaps it’s a typo, maybe it was supposed to be on sale for $2.50 and someone just forgot to add the decimal point. Maybe? Or perhaps this is a weird way to launder money that I’ve never heard of before and this is part of some elaborate criminal scheme that is flying under the radar of law enforcement.

Or, the publisher behind Membrane wanted to draw more attention to it and its other titles and so during a time when most games get big discounts, it raised the price to $250 to get some attention. Well, if that’s the case, congrats I guess.

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