Fortnite Dark Phoenix Skin Brings X-Men Hero Jean Grey To Battle Royale

The new Fortnite Dark Phoenix (aka Jean Grey) skin is the latest in the ongoing Marvel series that routinely brings the titans of comics and gaming together. The X-Men hero known as Dark Phoenix arrives in Fortnite as a surprise release today. Typically Marvel skins launch as part of some cross-promotion, but sometimes, like in this case, it’s just Fortnite being Fortnite.

Fortnite Dark Phoenix (Jean Grey) Skin

The new Jean Grey outfit in Fortnite is now available, meaning you don’t have to wait to grab her and her complete cosmetic set. Included in the Dark Phoenix set are the following cosmetics:

  • Dark Phoenix (Jean Grey) skin
  • Phoenix Force back bling
  • Rising Phoenix emote
  • Wrath of the Phoenix loading screen
Rising from the ashes is Jean Grey, the latest Fortnite-Marvel crossover.
Rising from the ashes is Jean Grey, the latest Fortnite-Marvel crossover.

Both the back bling and the loading screen are sold in a bundle with the character skin, while the emote is sold separately. As for the likeness, this version of Dark Phoenix is not based on the hero as recently depicted in the X-Men movie series.

Instead, it seems Epic and Marvel worked together to create a new version of the hero, based in part on her comic book look but still unique to Fortnite, much like Thor, Iron-Man, and others before her. Occasionally, the Marvel skins do go for the Hollywood likeness though–just ask Eddie Brock.

While this latest crossover is sure to excite comic book fans, it may pale in comparison to the hype surrounding next week’s Fortnite Naruto skin, which Epic confirmed will run onto the scene on November 16.

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