Mass Effect Legendary Edition Is On Sale For N7 Day

For N7 Day–an unofficial holiday that takes place on November 7 in celebration of the Mass Effect franchise–BioWare has revealed a slew of Mass Effect-related announcements. Of note, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is on sale.

If you haven’t yet tried the trilogy that started it all, you can pick up Mass Effect Legendary Edition for PC at a discount on the Microsoft Store, Steam, and Origin. The remastered collection of Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 will only be discounted for a limited time so act fast if you’re interested.

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If you’re on the fence about whether to pick up the remastered collection, check out our Mass Effect Legendary Edition review, which states, “Mass Effect: Legendary Edition remasters BioWare’s space opera RPG trilogy for the new generation of consoles, enhancing the visuals, implementing quality of life improvements, and making welcome adjustments to certain content for all three games. In those adjustments, Legendary Edition occasionally draws unwanted attention to parts of the trilogy that haven’t aged gracefully, but as a whole, this remaster is a good way to see what all the fuss is about if you missed out on the first three Mass Effect games the first time around, or are just looking for a reason to dive into them again.”

BioWare also released additional statistics for the choices that fans made playing through Mass Effect Legendary Edition, so maybe click away from this article here if you haven’t yet played through the Mass Effect trilogy and want to. Spoilers for Mass Effect 1 follow.

“Most of you elected to save the Council at the end of the first game–but at 69% to 31%, it wasn’t exactly a foregone conclusion,” BioWare said. “We also learned that as beloved as Garrus has been through the years, a surprising 15% of you didn’t recruit him to your team at all! Perhaps less surprisingly, you folks were not fans of Ambassador Udina; given the option to select the first human Councilor, he finished a distant third…behind ‘no choice.'”

In terms of what fans can expect from the future of Mass Effect–notably, Mass Effect 5–BioWare had very little to say. “We are, of course, hard at work on the next adventure in the Mass Effect universe,” the studio said. “Until then, please accept our most humble thanks to you for accompanying us on this journey. We know we couldn’t do it without you–on N7 Day, or any other day.”

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